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hikvision colorvu cctv 5mp
Hikvision 5MP 4 Channel ColorVu Self Install Kit
  • 1x Hikvision DVR 4 channel 5MP DVR*
  • 2TB HDD*
  • 4 X 5MP 2.8mm Hikvsion ColorVu Turret Cameras
  • 4 X Hikvision Junction Boxes (Camera Mounting Box)*
  • 4 x 20M BNC ready made premium cables*
  • 1x Power supply
  • PowerLine Adaptors for Internet Connectivity*
  • 2 x 3M Ethernet Cables*
  • 1 x 2M HDMI LeadPlease note this is a self install home CCTV kit and is the POC (Power Over Coax) Version.
    You do not need individual power supplies to each camera, simply plug one end of the BNC Cable into the camera and one end into the DVR, this cable carries both the power and video for ease of installation by the home user

    *All of the equipment provided is the same high end stock we use for our installation services such as TP-Link, Hikvision, Seagate and not substituted for lower end brands as seen on ebay listings

seagate Baracudda CCTV HDD
Seagate SkyHawk 3.5″ Surveillance (CCTV) Hard Drive

Seagate Skyhawk Hard Drives for surveillance applications

The Seagate Skyhawk range of Hard Disk Drives are the perfect companion to your CCTV recorders. Designed with reliability in mind, they are tuned specifically for this purpose to ensure reliable operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The innovative ImagePerfect firmware enables smooth, clear video streaming for always-on, 24/7 surveillance environments — helping to ensure your business can always have a formidable layer of protection.

SkyHawk is built to scale with your needs and reliably performs in multi-drive systems. Multi-drive surveillance systems can rely on the SkyHawk’s RAID-optimised hardware, keeping drives and systems in the field longer.

NVR ready design enables reliable performance in DVR and NVR systems with 8+ drives*
Robust drive design in a RAID environment maintains drive performance by improving vibration tolerance

Built to record 90% of the time — supports up to 64 cameras
Up to 16 TB or 2,000+1 hours of HD video
180 TB/year workload rating, 3× the workload of a desktop drive and backed by a 3-year limited warranty
NVR ready drives deliver robust drive design for multi-drive environments
Protect your data against the unexpected with an optional +Rescue Data Recovery Service plan
1. HD video stream measured as a Mpeg-4 H.264 satellite and 30fps 2MP HD security or 10 Mb/s



Give yourself the ultimate peace of mind with SkyHawk surveillance drives and never miss a frame, even in harsh environments. SkyHawk’s extreme workload rating, low power consumption and NVR ready design can improve long-term drive reliability. SkyHawk can also reliably perform in operating temperatures — from 0°C to 70°C — while tarnish-resistant components offer further protection out in the field.

Be prepared for the unthinkable with a 3-year Seagate +Rescue Data Recovery Service plan. Under the protective wing of SkyHawk, vandalism, viruses and accidents are no longer the end of the world.

Fast and easy recovery process — data can often be restored in 15 days or less
Seagate leads the industry in data recovery with a 90% success rate